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How a Creative B2B Content Marketing Approach Generated Measurable ROI

Projectorator-Male-1The Content Marketing Action Hero quiz-based initiative was originally produced to support our attendance at Content Marketing World 2012. The site is still live and you can still take the quiz and learn your “Content Marketing Action Hero” profile, and get your own cool “action hero” card!

This was two year’s before Buzzfeed’s Quizzes became the hottest content online since lists.

At the time, it was a B2B marketing tactic we used to “break the ice” with attendees at Content Marketing World and to generate leads based on an approach that would showcase our creativity.

Roughly 25% of the Content Marketing World’s attendees participated in the quiz.

More importantly, however, is that several leads in which the Content Marketing Action Hero played an “ice breaking” role developed into approximately $150,000 dollars in new business for 2013.

It generated a great return on our investment of both time, content creation and software development!