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[EVENT] Collaborations for Cause 2017, May 5 & 6

© Alasdair Turner

© Alasdair Turner

The countdown begins! It’s less than four weeks until Blue Earth Alliance’s 5th annual Collaborations for Cause conference, May 5-6 at the Seattle Central Library. Join us and 18 speakers for two days of education, inspiration and networking!

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This conference is for you if you’re:

  • A Nonprofit or Government Agency Communications Professional
  • A Nonprofit or Government Agency Director or Manager
  • A Cause Marketing or Social Issues Marketing Professional
  • A Social Entrepreneur
  • A Purpose-focused Business
  • A Photographer or Videographer

The first day is designed to provide tips you can use and insight into how to fund documentary projects and cause-driven initiatives. On the first day you will learn:

  • How world-renowned photographer Art Wolfe uses location workshops to defray expenses for his projects in his keynote presentation.
  • How you can use public library research and Special Collections librarians like Jay Lyman and Richard Visick to find market and funding resources.
  • How World Vision has used photography and filmmaking to successfully advance its causes for more than 30 years, as examined by World Vision staffers, Phil Manzano, Jon Warren and Tom Costanza.
  • What Mercy Corps’ photo editor Tom Patterson looks for in photographs and photographers.
  • How David Moskowitz engages community support for his conservation projects.
  • What Bryan Monroe sees for the future of documentary photojournalism and films.
  • The results of the Blue Earth/Tim Greyhavens’ survey of nonprofits’ use of images. 
  • As an added bonus, you’ll have the opportunity to change the direction of your career by signing up for a portfolio review with some of our conference speakers and other esteemed reviewers. 

On the second day you will be inspired by real-world case studies. You will learn:

  • Why acclaimed photographer Annie Griffiths formed a nonprofit with others to foster collaboration and create a collection of film and stills that is used to advance causes in her keynote presentation.
  • How photographer and activist Poulomi Basu reaches a diverse audience with her stories.
  • Why filmmaker Roberto Hernandez documented the injustice in the Mexican legal system.
  • How Mountaineers Books publisher Helen Cherullo uses books and builds coalitions to protect wild places.
  • How The Nature Conservancy’s Melissa Ryan and photographer Jason Houston led a participatory photography workshop to engage Kitasoo Xia’Xais First Nation youth in the telling of their cultural and environmental stories. Kitasoo Xia’Xais community member Mercy Mason will also present her images and first-person experience.
  • How Mustafah Abdulaziz’s project on water is building global understanding for the crisis of fresh water.
  • How Tim Matsui’s critically acclaimed project initiative, “Leaving the Life,” is being used in programs to help sex trafficking victims off the street.