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BrandZ Research Cites Brand Purpose as a Driver of Value

BrandPurpose_BrandZWe’re fascinated by the connection between brand purpose and why it should play a key role in helping brands develop content initiatives that engage at a meaningful level.

In a previous post, we describe how the answer to the question “What’s Our Purpose?” can be the compass point that keeps marketing and sales content in alignment with prospect’s and customer’s needs.

At a gut level, this just sounds right. At least it has to us.

But, for those who are more data driven, findings from Millward Brown’s BrandZ research for WPP over the past 10 years may be more convincing.

According to Doreen Wang, head of the BrandZ annual study that identifies the 100 most valuable brands worldwide, “brands with a strong purpose help accelerate brand equity.”

Speaking at the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands Round Table event held in New York (5/27/15), Wang described how development of a “meaningful difference” separates the top brands from the rest of the pack, and that establishing a clear purpose is instrumental in being different.

“Brands with a strong purpose help accelerate brand equity,” according to Wang, “Those brands with a purpose which is beyond making money: they understand why they exist, how to improve consumers’ lives and how to make the world a better place. These are the brands that achieve faster value growth.”

At FusionSpark Media, our purpose is to use content marketing to improve people’s lives while improving our client’s bottom lines.

What’s your purpose?


FusionSpark Media CEO Russell Sparkman will be presenting “Content that Matters: How the Path to Engagement is Paved with Purpose” at Content Marketing World, September 10th, 2015.


Source: “Difference Drives Brand Value,” Warc, August 10, 2015