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Celebrating Craftsmanship with Tim Leonard, of Heavy Metal Works


In the 3rd installment of our “Celebrating Craftsmanship” series, we sat down with Tim Leonard, of Heavy Metal Works, to chat about the connection between craftsmanship and his work with metal and glass.

Here are lessons we learned from our interview with Tim about craftsmanship that we can apply to content marketing:

Creating Content Involves Some Struggle
Brands, nonprofits and government agencies facing the reality that they have to be in the content game must come to grips with the fact that producing content is a struggle. But, out of struggle, out of facing challenges, comes breakthroughs and discoveries that ultimately contribute to producing better content.

Content Assets Differ in Learning Curve
There are dozens upon dozens of different approaches to creating and producing content. Each has its own unique characteristics. It takes time, trial and error to master each one’s attributes.

Look for Inspiration in Other Arts, Crafts
Seeking to be inspired for you next content initiative? Then don’t look at the work of other content marketers. Look for inspiration in the craftsmanship of others.

Give Everything You Have, Every Step of the Way
There are no short cuts in content craftsmanship. To rise above the noise of all the mediocre or so-so content, you need to be extraordinary. Give everything you have into creating original, creative, extraordinary content, from human resources to even financial resources.