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FusionSpark Embarks Upon Elephant Journey


FusionSpark Media co-founders Russell Sparkman and Kevin Sparkman are heading to Tsavo East National Park in Kenya, in December, on a scouting trip to explore a project that will combine the best of Content Marketing strategy and tactics with the multiplatform storytelling and engagement tactics of Transmedia Storytelling.

What’s the opportunity?

Nothing less than a role in a global effort to help curb the poaching of elephants for ivory.

Stay tuned for updates.

In the meantime — and this is a unique Christmas gift opportunity — if you have a passion for elephants, and would like to lend a hand, becoming a Foster Parent of an Orphaned Elephant in Kenya is an excellent opportunity.

For only $50 per year, you can help with the care and upkeep of an orphaned elephant (orphaned due to natural causes, but more realistically due to poaching).

To learn more, please visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for information about fostering an orphaned elephant.

View a video of the rescue of Lima Lima: