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Content Strategy Case Study: The Hunger Reports

Client Testimonial

“We did an agency search for a pilot Content Marketing initiative, and settled upon FusionSpark Media based on their demonstrated capabilities and reputation in purpose-focused marketing. FusionSpark’s role as consultants in content strategy, branding, design and storytelling was the right match for our needs, and we recommend them to anyone considering them for these services.”

Adlai Amor – LinkedIn Profile
Communications Director (former), Bread for the World

Type of Engagement

The FusionSpark Media (FSM) team consulted with the Bread for the World (BFTW) team to produce a content strategy, content production and content distribution plan for their annual Hunger Report. Effectively, the FSM team worked as co-executive producers of the project, providing direction to the creative teams in all aspects of the project, from creative conceptualization to video concepts and social media graphics preparation.

The BFTW creative teams that FSM worked with included photographer/videographer, video editor, writers and media relations.

Project’s Desired Outcomes

This was a pilot project designed to demonstrate to the Bread for the World organization a vision of how to extend the life and reach of their annual Hunger Report. The challenge faced by the organization was that after the initial release of their annual Hunger Report (typically January), interest and awareness would drop off steeply.

Content Strategy and Content Design

Working with FSM, the BFTW Hunger Reports team distilled outcomes and audiences to several select top priorities. Knowing the outcomes desired and the target audiences they needed to reach helped the BFTW team focus its limited human and financial resources on the content ideas most likely to achieve their goals. This helped the organization avoid falling into the trap of producing “random acts of content.”

Essential elements of the Content Strategy and Content Design that resulted from the collaboration of FSM and BFTW included:

  • A written content strategy “playbook” for internal and external team reference
  • A detailed plan for producing a 3-part pilot video production
  • A detailed plan for producing supportive social media graphics to promote the videos
  • A media outreach plan, including a radio interview tour
  • A pitch document for promoting the initiative to participating partners

Project Outcomes

The pilot project effectively demonstrated that an omnichannel approach to sharing the Hunger Reports content could expand the reach of the content beyond the report’s typical audience. Initial outcomes that were captured and reported included:

  • Email database grew by 415%
  • Web views at start of engagement were 0 (a new domain was created), and increased to 4142 by end of measured period
  • Average time on web site was 2 minutes, 50 seconds
  • Radio tour impressions were >19 million
  • DEVEX Ad Impressions (paid ad on related media): >659k, with a click through rate of 1,174 (.17% click thru rate; .05 is considered average).