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Essentials of Word of Mouth Marketing

CMR-2014-GraphicsNeil discusses the effectiveness of Word of Mouth Marketing and how it is measured in the context of content marketing.

About Neil Beam

Neil is Director of Client Relationships at MotiveQuest ­ a next generation market research company that leverages big social data and the approach of Online Anthropology to solve their client’s business challenges.

A WOMMY and Ogilvy award winning company, MotiveQuest specializes in brand and category explorations and digs deep into consumer behaviors, underlying motivations and advocacy.

Prior to joining MotiveQuest, Neil was Associate Director of Social Strategy and Operations at AT&T. He worked in the eCommerce division and led the Community team as well as the Social Media Care Strategy Team with a focus on revenue growth and cost savings. In this role, Neil led the implementation of an enterprise-wide social media monitoring analysis and engagement platform.

Photo of Neil Beam: © Dan Lamont