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Matt Heinz’s Tip Sheet from Content Marketing Retreat

2014 Content Marketing Retreat


The following list contains tips and tools recommended by Matt Heinz at the 4th Annual Content Marketing Retreat, in Langley, WA on May 8th and 9th.

  1. The Math
    1. Attached is a sample spreadsheet we use for funnel projections
    2. Lead-Opp-Close Model (monthly version template)
  2. Buyer Persona & Insights
    1. Three types: Proactive, reactive & participatory
    2. Attached is a “needs to messaging” matrix template for high-level needs personas
    3. Audience Needs to Messaging Matrix Sample
  3. Planning & Editorial Calendar Development
    1. Attached is a very basic editorial calendar template
    2. Social Media Content Editorial Calendar Template
    3. Wordtracker.com (for keyword research)
  4. Content Development & Approvals
    1. Kapost (content development tools for enterprise or more complex companies)
    2. Smartsheet (XLS-based project management tools)
    3. Kan Ban Tool (agile marketing-based task management, works for content creation too)
  5. Publishing
    1. LinkedIn’s blogging platform
    2. Inbound Writer (SEO tool embedded in WordPress)
  6. Syndication & Social Sharing
    1. Floating Social (great for social sharing)
    2. Dlvr.it (automated social sharing of new blog posts)
    3. GaggleAMP (organize & measure sharing of content from sales, employees, customer-facing teams, customers & fans, etc.)
    4. Sharebloc (crowd-source sharing of your content from other content marketers)
  7. Calls to Action
    1. FooBar (drop-down on-site offer tool in WordPress)
    2. Embedded links within blog posts
    3. Leadshare (within SlideShare)
  8. Social Lead Generation
    1. Socedo (lead generation from Twitter)
    2. Papershare (content-based lead capture across social channels)
    3. Progressive profiling (shorter forms to increase conversion rates over time, deepen database building)
  9. Comments & Participation
    1. Disqus commenting platform
    2. Little Bird (influencer identification & engagement)
  10. Follower/Community Growth
    1. Tweepi (related Twitter user search tools)
    2. Triberr (group automated sharing of new content)
    3. Hashtracking (metrics and top participants, plus transcripts, for hashtags)
  11. Repurposing
    1. Transcripts
    2. BrightTalk
    3. eLance
  12. Curation
    1. Curata
    2. Buffer (for queuing up content to throttle out across social channels at the frequency of your choosing)
    3. Feedly (the new Google Reader for aggregating RSS feeds)
    4. Nuzzel (daily content email sorted by those that have been most often shared by your direct network already)