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Cadence 9 Content Marketing

Promotional content assets for a content marketing SaaS solution.


Content Marketing Consulting

When Cadence9, a SaaS-based content marketing platform, sought a content marketing plan for itself, they contacted FusionSpark Media.

We introduced them to our own 7-stage content marketing cycle, which Cadence9 adapted to use as the editorial basis of its online publication, Content Marketing Examiner.

Based on the Content Marketing cycle, the Content Marketing Examiner features interviews with thought-leaders, based on Analytics, Goal Setting, Strategy, Calendar, Production, Publishing and Engagement.

Promotional Video

When it comes to trying to simplify the offerings of a SaaS-based platform, a short video combining a well-written voiceover, motion graphics and stock imagery can do the trick. This video is featured in the Cadence9 website.


Tradeshow Booth Graphics

Standing apart from the crowd at marketing and marketing technology conferences can be a challenge.

In order to help Cadence9 stand apart from all the similarly designed booths at the Online Marketing Summit, FSM created analogies between orchestrating content marketing tasks and complex events that take much planning and orchestration.

Imagery portraying a rocket, a quarterback and an executive chef were paired with copy explained that content marketing requires the same thoughtful orchestration that’s needed to put a person in space, to win a Super Bowl or to serve a 5-star dinner.


Data Sheets

The Cadence9 datasheets were designed to emulate the tradeshow graphics that we produced. In this way, the same content and stories were multipurposed across several channels.

Project Skills Include:

  • content strategy
  • creative ideas
  • research & writing
  • video production
  • scripts & voiceover
  • audio production
  • graphics / illustration
  • music