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Move to End Violence



The original homepage for Move to End Violence

Move to End Violence (MEV), a 10 year initiative of the NOVO Foundation, was halfway into their program when Michelle Lambert, Director of Communications, approached FusionSpark Media with questions about site design, SEO and social media. We worked with Michelle to help her and her team see the benefits of creating a documented content strategy as the first step toward building a best practices solution in content marketing for nonprofits. Work on the documented content strategy began with a one day, facilitated discovery session with the MEV team in the their offices in Seattle.


Documented Content Strategy


Table of Contents from Executive Summary of Content Strategy

Based on deep insights gained through discussion, stakeholder interviews and independent research, FusionSpark Media moved forward with the development of the written content strategy, which included:

  • Prioritization of outcomes, audiences and audience needs
  • Input from internal and external stakeholders, target audiences members
  • Competitive analysis
  • Capture of baseline metrics
  • SEO & Keyword research and analysis
  • Website content narrative and outline
  • Editorial calendar samples
  • Design specification
  • Technical specifications
  • Budgets

Based on the above, MEV approved Phase 2 budget for building the new website, and bringing on new marketing technology, such as InfusionSoft.

Web Site Design & Development


Homepage Design of New Move to End Violence Website

From ease of use of the platform for the MEV team, to ability to customize the functionality, WordPress was the Content Management System (CMS) of choice for this project (as it is for most FusionSpark Media projects).

Driving the user experience was a desire to be as minimalistic as possible in the navigation, yet provide easy access to a growing archive of resources, stories and other useful content.

Increased Emphasis Upon Resources


Part of MEV’s core mission is to provide support to those who work in fields that intersect with the issue of violence against women and girls (i.e. social workers, health care professionals, law enforcement and legal), and to facilitate a movement toward more proactive ways of addressing this problem.

Prior to teaming up with FusionSpark Media, value online tools and other digital content was available, but was scattered throughout the old site.

FusionSpark Media immediately recognized the value of these content assets to achieving MEV’s goals and created an easy to search and browse method for interacting with this growing archive of valuable content.

21 Day Self Care Challenge Leads to Huge Subscriber Growth


Originally requested by the client to be a mobile app, we worked with MEV to implement this 21 Day Self Care Challenge based on the InfusionSoft Marketing Automation and CRM platform.

This recommendation not only enabled MEV to realize this initiative soon after relaunching their site, the cost of implementation was significantly reduced.

The end result has been phenomenal. They’ve boosted their email subscriber base of approximately 400 entries to well over 10,000 in less than a year.

Project Skills Include:

  • content strategy
  • creative ideas
  • video production
  • photography
  • interactive design
  • talent network
  • audio production
  • graphics / illustration
  • information architecture
  • website development