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Wakulla Springs Interactive Graphic

Combining photos and interactive media to tell a compelling story.


A Giant Among Us: Wakulla Spring

The interactive graphic about Wakulla Spring was built as an extension of the highly successful Florida Springs: Protecting Nature’s Gems initiative.

The interactive was designed to give an in-depth introduction to, and education about, Wakulla Spring, the largest freshwater spring in the world.

The project goes beyond the natural history storytelling component by providing compelling interactives that help describe the various human impacts on the spring and its springshed.

Experience the Wakulla Spring Interactive Graphic


The Springshed Map

Using layers that can be turned on and off, the Springshed Map provides context to the issues facing Wakulla Spring by showing proximity to features, such as towns and roads.

Animation helps illustrate the flow of water through these features to help explain how human impacts on the surface impact the quality of the groundwater that flows into Wakulla Spring.

Experience the Wakulla Spring Interactive Graphic


Interactive Septic Systems

Blame for impacts on Florida’s springs often is often placed upon big targets, such as dairy farms, or golf courses, mining, roadway runoff and so on.

However, many of the most serious threats come from the accumulated impacts of households.

One such impact on Wakulla Spring is failing septic systems in the region. This interactive explains how septic systems work and why failing septic systems can have a measurable impact of the quality of water in Wakulla Spring.

Experience the Wakulla Spring Interactive Graphic


Interactive Cave Dive

Wakulla Spring is off limits to recreational divers, due to its depth. As a result, few have seen the wonders of this amazing underwater cave system.

By creating an Interactive Cave Dive, “virtual” explorers can see sites that exploration dive teams have seen in Wakulla, ranging from prehistoric mammoth bones to caverns large enough to park a jumbo jet in.

Experience the Wakulla Spring Interactive Graphic


Wakulla Through Time

An historical timeline presents a history of Wakulla Spring, from the earliest human settlers of the region, around 10,000 BC, to more recent times, when the land around the spring was acquired for development as a State Park.

Experience the Wakulla Spring Interactive Graphic

Project Skills Include:

  • content strategy
  • creative ideas
  • research & writing
  • photography
  • interactive design
  • audio production
  • graphics / illustration
  • information architecture
  • music
  • website development