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Water Research Foundation

Content strategy helps utilities-related nonprofit reach further with its content

The Challenge

Water Research Foundation logo

Since 1986, Water Research Foundation (WRF) has sponsored 1000+  water research projects focusing on drinking water quality, effective water treatment, infrastructure management, energy conservation and climate change challenges.

Although WRF is highly respected and valued for the quality of its research and innovative recommendations, these data intensive reports are not always read and understood by a wider audience of water regulators, water-related businesses, local governments, environmental groups, the media and ultimately, the public.

Content Strategy

WaterRF Content Strat

WRF hired FSM to produce their Content Strategy, a custom designed road map outlining specific actionable tactics to move them toward achieving specific outcomes and goals.

It was essential to clarify WRF’s background, mission and brand identity to better define the organization’s audiences, communications resources and ultimately, their outreach goals.

From that solid foundation we were able to create WRF’s comprehensive Content Strategy.

To date, WRF has used their Content Strategy to create and distribute several key communications outreach initiatives such as: instructional video content, high production value video messaging and expert interviews, easy-to-understand illustrated abstracts as well as a trade show media center.


Conference Keynote Video by Executive Director

For their role at the 2013 ACE Conference (the primary conference for water industry professionals) we developed and produced WRF’s messaging video “Total Water” featuring the Executive Director, Rob Renner

“Total Water” tells the story of the value of water research and how it is inextricably linked with the future of a holistic and sustainable approach to water management in the face of rapidly changing environments and dwindling natural resources.


Instructional Video Content


For WRF’s ongoing member and stakeholder education, we used the BrainShark video platform.

Through skilled scriptwriting, expert image research and graphic design, we successfully conveyed complex topics clearly and succinctly, including issues such as nitrosamine chemical compounds in drinking water and America’s aging asbestos pipe infrastructure.

Long Term Perfomance of Asbestos Cement Pipes

Nitrosamines in Drinking Water

Illustrated Abstracts & Fact Sheets


One of WRF’s cost effective ways of supporting members is with to-the-point, factual summations of research through their online Knowledge Portal.

To make the information easier to understand and recall, we produced a series of illustrated Knowledge Portal Fact Sheets for member download.

By accurately summarizing extremely deep scientific research into concise, fact-based packets of conclusions and recommendations, Fact Sheets speak simply and directly to all forms of decision makers and stakeholders spanning all areas of the water treatment industry.


Video Interviews & Video Production


WRF values its scientific paper presentations well beyond its words, facts and figures.  To give the research a human face, we’ve been documenting key presentations and conducting personal interviews with the researchers themselves.

By capturing the passion behind their work, we’ve been able to tell the stories of the sense of duty and purpose WRF scientists have when it comes to securing future of water quality using more energy efficient, sustainable and holistic solutions.

Tradeshow Media Center

WaterRF ACE13 Booth

To showcase the new media content we created for WRF we designed and produced a media center for their presence at the ACE13 water utility conference.

Via this exhibit, WRF was able to further extend awareness of its new content approaches to its members.

Project Skills Include:

  • content strategy
  • creative ideas
  • research & writing
  • video production
  • photography
  • scripts & voiceover
  • audio production
  • graphics / illustration