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Whidbey and Camano Islands

Quality content and an editorial calendar support tourism promotion.


The Challenge

When this project was started in 2008 previous online marketing approaches had left Whidbey Camano Islands Tourism with virtually zero online presence, and non-existent search rankings. Compounding the challenge was management by a semi-governmental committee, with stakeholders within the county focused on their own region instead of the collective whole.

The Solution

We produced a Content Strategy in which all stakeholders could see that their concerns were addressed, and the final project would be the sum of its parts. The parts included content designed to capture searches for the primary activities within the county.


Video Storytelling Solutions

An effective approach to create affordable videos that would highlight the natural beauty and amenities of the islands was to focus upon the work of photographers who live in the region.

Utilizing their photo libraries and on-camera interviews was a highly effective and affordable means of creating a new video, once per quarter.

Publication of each new video was tightly integrated into an editorial guiding the content of the monthly eNewsletter.

The combination influenced a 21% increase in website traffic, a doubling of the enewsletter from 8000 to 17,000, and an increase of email open rates from 12% to 25%, within a single year.


Comprehensive Lodging Database

Whidbey and Camano Islands have over 100 lodging establishments, spread across two islands in Puget Sound, north of Seattle.

A comprehensive database, managed through a proprietary CMS, was developed.

Visitors are able to browse lodging options through menus offering location, lodging type, price range as well as policies regarding pets or kids.

The database has been functioning for 5 years, managed by the client, with zero downtime.


eNewsletter & Editorial Calendar

Videos, and other content assets, were developed according to an editorial calendar based upon a monthly enewsletter.

The combination of the quality assets featured in the enewsletter, dependably delivered at the beginning of each month, influenced growth of the email database by 200% in one year and email open rates increased from 12% to 25%.



Four infographics were developed and published according to an editorial calendar that also planned for videos, as well.

The infographics have been almost as popular offline as they have been online, as they appear on bulletins and in storefronts of local businesses, throughout the island.

Project Skills Include:

  • content strategy
  • creative ideas
  • research & writing
  • video production
  • photography
  • scripts & voiceover
  • interactive design
  • talent network
  • audio production
  • graphics / illustration
  • information architecture
  • music