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Teaser: New Media 2012 Presentations

The New Media 2012: Where the hell is all this headed, anyway? event is shaping up nicely. Registrations continue to flow in, and right along with them, so are the presentations by the various speakers.

Here is a teaser of some of the points about New Media that our presenters will touch upon:

Robert Gilman, our very own “rocket scientist” here in Langley, WA, is going to put the future of New Media in context by looking backwards 500 years. In his thought provoking analysis based upon where we’ve been, he’s going to explain that we’re in a transition period as profound as the transition from hunting/gathering to agriculture and cities. New Media, he suggests, is driving, and being driven by, these larger cultural shifts.

Kennedy_PresentationGrabTom Kennedy, of Kennedy Multimedia, will describe that the “text tyranny” is over, that multimedia journalism is the next journalism, and states enticingly that “smart VCs will invest to reinvent media.”

John du Pre Gauntt, of Media-Dojo, who will discuss Cloud Computing & New Media, posits that “Cloud computing won’t change the media industry’s need for compelling stories, artistry and star power.” However, he says, “cloud computing is creating a new context in which media providers and marketers must approach those questions. Technically, this means that all bets are off.”

Joe Pulizzi, of Junta 42, will describe the blurring of brands and media, and tell how and why you — yes, you, the small biz owner, the Fortune 500 marketer, in fact anyone with a need to communicate — has to become a publisher.

Marcia Hoffman, of Electronic Frontier Foundation, is going to expand your awareness of digital rights and privacy. Let’s just put it this way. You’ll want to read the fine print of sites such as Facebook.

Brent Friedman, of Electric Farm Entertainment, will awaken us to the possibilities of Transmedia storytelling. What’s that going to look like?  To get this education, you might want to apply to  Valemont University.

And Russell Sparkman — that’d be me — is going to expand a bit on Joe Pulizzi‘s theme of everyone becoming a publisher by providing an overview of Non-profit and Government use of and influence upon, New Media. What happens, for example, when the 1,000,000 plus non-profits around world begin telling their stories in visual, multimedia formats that Tom Kennedy talks about. You have, in aggregate, the potential for the largest documentation ever of the human condition and the environment. As for Government and New Media … well, there’s Obama’s campaign as a sign of things to come, and even the Kremlin has it’s own YouTube channel.

Joe Tringali, of 5th Cell Media, will present an overview of the game industry, how it’s changed due to New Media, and sorta where it’s going in the next few years.

Alexis Gerard, of the Future Image Report and 6Sight, will touch upon aspects of personal empowerment through visual communications that everyone now enjoys with camera enabled devices.

And George Henny, of Whidbey Telecom, will wrap up the event by describing how connectivity makes all of this possible, and will touch upon a theme that suggests we humans are becoming a part of the circuitry.

If you’re inspired to learn more about the New Media 2012 event based upon these insights, please visit the event’s web page.

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