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2008 Webby Honoree for DiveRite.com

Good news arrived in my inbox week before last notifying us that a web presence we developed for Dive Rite, Inc. had received a Webby Honoree recognition in the Corporate Communications category. There were 5 nominees, all vying for the top honor, and about a dozen honorees, in this category. Altogether, according to the Webby press release, there were approximately 10,000 entries across 70 categories, with less than 15% getting either the nominee or the honoree nod.

Some of the other honorees included projects from Nike and the Wall Street Journal. And it seems to me that the judging is weighted toward all Flash sites, in this category, anyway. So, it was gratifying to see our client’s project amongst good company, and amongst projects with significantly higher budgets.

A comment from our client, Kathleen Byars, VP of Marketing at Dive Rite, pretty much sums it up, I think:

What’s cool about the Webby Honoree is that the industry recognition encourages us that we’ve chosen the right direction by focusing on our web communications strategy. We’ve put ourselves in a different league, which was our intention. It’s great for a small, privately owned business to see our name on a list of honorees that includes companies such as Nike and the Wall Street Journal.

Here’s an article in our local pager, the South Whidbey Record, about the award:

Two businesses honored with ‘Internet Oscars’