Crafting Purpose-focused Food & Lifestyle Brands

8 Principles of Purpose-Focused Content Marketing


In previous posts (here, here, here and here), we’ve talked about the role of purpose as a vector, a North Star so to speak, for guiding content marketing initiatives.

In the process of defining the role of purpose in our Content that Matters blog, book (in development) and presentations, we’ve defined 8 Principles of Purpose-Focused Content Marketing. These are our guideposts with clients.

By adhering to these principles, you will increase the odds in your favor of creating content that is not only relevant, trustworthy and meaningful, but impactful enough to drive actions, from lead generation to sales.

  • Mission and Goals are about your business, intended for an internal audience; Purpose is about your customers and is outward facing.
  • Purpose can and should be a shared value with your employees and customers.
  • Your purpose is uniquely yours, not easily replicated, giving you competitive advantage.
  • Purpose can be about values, or about providing practical value.
  • Your purpose becomes part of the consumer conversation about your brand.
  • Purpose is showing that you care.
  • It’s no longer enough for your organization to be relevant and trustworthy, you must be meaningful, too.
  • Purpose is about improving lives while improving the bottom line.