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Spirit Bear

This photo was captured during the making of the Salmon: Spirit of the Land and Sea “live” web documentary Fusionspark Media produced for One World Journeys during September, 2001. Read More

The Content Factory: Maximizing Content Investments through Multipurposing

On the Illuminating the Future blog, I just read an interview with Paul Dunay, of BearingPoint.

The interviewer, Britton Manasco, asked Paul about three important trends marketers should be paying attention to. Not surprisingly, ROI and Social Media were included in Paul’s response.

The third item, though, caught my attention — the “Content Factory.” I think that what Paul is describing about the Content Factory is important, and Read More

8 Steps For Creating a Killer 8 Step Blog Post – New Years Edition 2008

Hey, this blogging stuff can be crazy time-consuming. Time-consuming to write. Time-consuming to read. But, it’s one of my personal New Years Resolutions to write blog posts here on a routine basis in 2009.

While researching how to streamline this time-consuming task I’ve learned that a sure-fire way of writing a killer blog post is to create a numerically ordered list of things to do, or step-by-step processes, etc.

So, with Read More