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Everglades Project is Jackson Hole Festival Finalist

For the 3rd time, a Fusionspark Media web documentary is a finalist in the Best Interactive Presentation category at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. This is a category that we won in 2003 with the Florida Springs: Protecting Nature’s Gems project.

This year, our finalist project is Water’s Journey: Everglades, the companion web documentary to the Wes Skiles film of the same name.

I will be attending this year’s Read More

Anderson Cooper and Storytelling

One of the aspects of using storytelling in communications that we adhere to is the high degree of authenticity and believability that the approach lends to the communication process.

Today, I noticed the following Anderson Cooper quote on his 360 Degree Blog:

“Be honest about what you see, get out of the way and let the story reveal itself.”

It’s simple advice which, when applied, adds authenticity to a story and Read More

The Web Documentary

Note: The following article first appeared in the International Documentary Association’s publication, “Documentary” in early 2005

Just as the Internet has changed the way we get news and information, plan vacations, communicate with friends, and buy stuff, so too is it changing the way documentary makers reach and influence audiences.

Often, when the words “web” and “documentary” are joined together the first image that comes to mind is of a linear Read More

Ira Glass On Storytelling, Part 1


Ira Glass, host and producer of This American Life, discusses two essential components for good storytelling in this first of four parts about … storytelling Read More

Non-profits and Storytelling

American Liver Foundation Homepage

In mid-March the American Liver Foundation‘s new site went live. A key feature of this site’s homepage is the Voices of Liver Disease, a section of the site designed to present video storytelling about people whose lives are impacted by liver disease.

In keeping with our Inspire • Inform • Influence mantra Read More

Why Compelling Storytelling?

As the Internet began to really take hold as both social and business phenomenon in the late ’90s we were presented with opportunities that crossed our paths and compelled us to move into the Dot.Com era (an idea that got funded had a little something to do with it …
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When A Bean’s Not A Bean

Ask Gary Smith, proprietor of Mukilteo Coffee (just outside of beautiful Langley, WA) about “coffee beans” and you’re liable to get an earful about the fact that technically, it’s a seed. Read More

Our Health Projects

Fusionspark Media has extensive communications experience in the health field and has combined this background with it’s storytelling approach to produce content on a number of online health-related projects.

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Our Environmental Projects

Since 1999 we’ve used a story driven approach to bring important environmental and conservation issues to the online audience. Many of our projects have included journeys told in a unique, web documentary style. Please take a moment to experience some of the following (listed chronologically, from the most recent to the earliest, productions):

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