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Content Craftsmanship Lessons from Whidbey Island Distillery

Jim HeisingRecently, we wrote in a post that content for content marketing is and always will be an art. Going one step further, we believe that content marketing is, in and of itself, a craft. 

And we believe that there are many lessons to be learned in mastering the content marketing craft by studying the crafts men and women who are our neighbors and friends on Whidbey Island, north of Seattle.

So, we’re kicking off our “Celebrating Craftsmanship” mini-series with this short video and blog post about Whidbey Island Distillery, and Master Distiller Jim Heising.

Lessons in content craftsmanship that we learned from Jim, that can be applied to content marketing, include:

Create Your Own Tools to Solve a Problem

When Jim was faced with a problem for which there wasn’t a tool, he built one. He compares this approach to the pioneers crossing America, who were forced to build what they needed, as they needed it.

Content marketing, as a tactic and a practice, is forming and evolving in real time. Much of content marketing requires digital marketing technology to create, publish and distribute the content. Got a content problem not solvable with an off the shelf solution? Be ready to build it yourself!

Be Innovative and Original

All the literature on distilling suggested to Jim that he couldn’t build a continuous still. The experts said it couldn’t be built.

So, he just built it.

With all brands having the same access to tools and technology as their competitors, innovation and originality of content is the primary place marketers and their brands can develop a competitive advantage.

Don’t Cut Corners

Craftsmanship, to Jim, means not compromising quality by cutting corners.

For brands trying to do content marketing, costs can seem daunting. Especially at first. But, cutting corners by cutting costs is a race to the bottom of the barrel, quality wise.

Invest in quality because high quality content provides long term return on investment.