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Content Marketing Institute Dives into Dive Rite Case Study

JPEG of Dive Rite Case Study CoverIt’s been a pleasure to watch the Content Marketing Institute emerge as the definitive resource on Content Marketing. Headed up by Junta42’s Joe Pulizzi, how could they miss, right!?

As a contributor to their blog, I’ve enjoyed getting to know Michele Linn, the editor extraordinaire of the Content Marketing Institute web site. (Listen to my podcast with Michele, here).

For the past several months, I’ve been working with Michele and her team on a case study about one of our clients, Dive Rite, Inc.

Dive Rite is a B2B/B2C technical dive gear designer and manufacturer, in Lake City, Florida.

Today, the Content Marketing Institute published Deep Sea Treasure: Dive Rite Discovers Content Marketing Opportunities and I’ve taken this opportunity to ask Michele about why she chose to focus on this project as a case study:

Russell Sparkman: Michele, What was it about the Dive Rite story that made you think it would be a valuable case study for the Content Marketing Institute?

Michele Linn: I love that Dive Rite was experiencing the same issues that many businesses face, including a website that isn’t quite working and a non-existent content strategy. By taking the same types of steps that Dive Rite did, marketers can truly see a difference.

Russell: What’s your favorite part of the Dive Rite case study?

Michele: Besides the beautiful illustrations, I love reading how Dive Rite got its community involved in content creation.

Russell: What do you hope that people learn from this case study?

Michele: I hope that marketers will understand that getting results from content marketing is very do-able. It takes time and consistent effort, but real results are very achievable! Of course, getting an expert like Fusionspark Media involved really expedites the process and provides necessary guidance if you want to avoid some of the trial and error (although there is always trial and error in content marketing).

Russell: What new Case Studies are you working on now?

Michele: We have a couple of case studies coming out soon. One is about how a local, specialty grocer launched their business using content marketing. It’s a great read for any small business owner! The other story is on the other side of the spectrum – it’s about a well-known B2B tech company that used content marketing to re-invent itself.

Russell: What examples are you looking for, in terms of future case studies?

Michele: Case studies can come from any industry, but I love meaty how-to ideas and results.  I wrote our first case study that featured Eloqua, and I was so inspired by their ideas – things that I and other content marketers can use! The process doesn’t need to be complicated, but I think it helps readers understand what steps to take.

Do you have a Content Marketing case study idea for the Content Marketing Institute? Please send your ideas to Michele Linn, at michele [at] junta42.com.