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Essentials of Content Marketing Strategy – Snohomish County Tourism Luncheon

This is the companion blog post for the September 22 Snohomish County Tourism luncheon presentation by Russell Sparkman of FusionSpark Media, Inc.



8 Essentials of Purpose-Focused Content Marketing:

The following are the 8 essentials of purpose-focused content marketing. By addressing these 8 essentials, you have the foundation for consistently creating and distributing Content that Matters.

Mission and Goals are about your business; Purpose is outward facing, focused on your customers.

Purpose can be about values, or about providing practical value.

Your purpose is uniquely yours, not easily replicated, giving you competitive content advantage.

Purpose can, and should be, a shared value with your employees & customers.

Your purpose becomes part of the consumer conversation about your brand.

Purpose-focused content is about showing that you care.

Purpose is about improving lives while improving the bottom line.

It’s not enough for businesses to be trustworthy, they have to be meaningful.


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