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Content Marketing Secrets Part I: The Energizer Bunny of Marketing

The Eveready Energizer Bunny is a cultural icon indelibly etched into our collective psyche. The pink, persistently drum-beating bunny just keeps on going, and going, and going …..

And that’s the image I want to indelibly etch into your mind about your content investment as a key component of your Content or Inbound Marketing strategy.

A smart content investment will become the Energizer Bunny of your marketing and communications strategy. Only, in this case, instead of “going, and going, and going,” your Content Strategy should be one that just keeps “giving, and giving and giving” in the form of long-term return-on-investment.

That’s why I want you to hang on to the use of the term investment to refer to dollars spent on the “content” of your Content Marketing strategy.

When planning your Content Strategy, tell your boss, your CFO — whoever holds the purse strings — that it’s not a  budget that you’re going to spend. It’s an investment you’re going to make.

An investment in content means increasing the value and net worth of your web presence  through the planned and ongoing input of quality content.

This means recognizing that as the depth and breadth of your “quality” content investment increases, the long term value of your web presence will grow as  you become an increasingly essential resource to the key audiences who are interested in your product, service or cause.

So, here is the most important question to ask yourself today:

What content should we invest in today that is going to make our organization’s web presence more valuable — practically indispensable — to our target audience or key constituents, and will pay us dividends (in the form of site traffic, search rankings, sales conversions, donations, etc.)  over the long term?

In my follow up blog post, Content Secrets Part II: Become The Definitive Resource, I will share an important insight into an essential concept for planning content strategies that provide long term return-on-investment.

It may even qualify as a “you heard it here first” moment! Stay tuned!