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Celebrating Craftsmanship with Tobey Nelson, Floral Designer


In the 4th installment of our “Celebrating Craftsmanship” series, we sat down with floral designer Tobey Nelson to explore how craftsmanship plays a role in her work.

Here are lessons we learned from our interview with Tobey about craftsmanship that we can apply to content marketing:

Nurture Your Content Lust
Tobey admits to being a “plant addict” and having a “plant lust,” which are refreshing alternatives to the typical use of the word “passion” to describe one’s connection to work. How many content marketers would describe themselves as having “content lust?” Yet, successful content marketing individuals and teams need to nurture their content addictions and lust for great content. Without the addiction, without the lust, there’s so way a content marketer will be able to meet the pressing challenges of producing and distributing quality content on an ongoing basis.

Build in an Allowance for Magic
Allowing for magic, even planning for magic, is one of our favorite lessons from Tobey. There’s something to be said for great content strategy because it helps to reduce and minimize content misfires that can be costly in both financial and human resources terms. On the other hand, serendipity can lead to new discoveries, new creative ideas. Being open to serendipity, allowing for magic to play a role in your content initiatives, can lead to surprisingly creative content solutions.

Set a Bar for Quality
There’s been a lot of emphasis on quality over quantity in the digital marketing space in recent years. Tobey really nails the most important point about the pursuit of quality as a craftsperson, which is to take it quite seriously. Extended to content craftsmanship, it means being constantly reminded that quality content is an art, art takes years of practice to master and taking it seriously is the path to achieving the highest quality.

Get Joy from Your Work
When Tobey shares that her work brings her joy, it’s as real of an expression of work related joy as it gets! Does your work in content bring you joy? If not, the lack of joy in your work will show in the kind of content you produce.

And with that, we’ll sign off saying it’s been an absolute joy working with Tobey!