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Smile! How Empathy and Mindfulness Can Inspire Great Content Ideas

Are you ready to take the initiative to better relate to your prospects and customers?

Assuming the answer’s yes, watch the video above – it’ll take two minutes. It’s worth it. Then read the rest.

In 6 days, this video by a college YouTuber names Mustafa has generated 35,000+ views, simply by tapping into the human emotion of happiness and the power of the smile. As a college student, he could certainly empathize with fellow students on campus who are struggling with typical pressures of exams, classes, homework, social life. He is obviously mindful of where they are in their lives.

Incorporating empathy and mindfulness into your creative content brainstorming is a way of focusing upon the content that matters the most to people (and less on the content that doesn’t). Of course, the content that matters the most to people is often tied to their emotions.

You might say that this is nothing new or groundbreaking, since good advertising and marketing has traditionally been about tapping into emotions. But, what’s different today is how this is applied to creating content that engages on an ongoing basis, not just the one hit wonder of a short-lived ad or marketing campaign.

Pragmatically speaking, being empathetic to the emotional state of your prospects and at the same time being mindful of where they are in terms of their day-to-day lives provides two powerful insights that you can use for content creation.

From these insights you can find answers to your content strategy questions by viewing them through the lens of “what’s our purpose?

For example, do you feel that people are stressed and anxious about their purchasing decisions related to your product and service? If so, then your purpose is to alleviate their anxiety by offering up content that reassures them.

Do you feel that the people you’re trying to reach are generally carefree, happy-go-lucky types? If so, then your purpose is to join in the joy they have in life through content that amuses and engages them!

Do you feel that the people you’re trying to connect with are politically literate and socially active in addressing society’s ills? If so, then your purpose may be to lead the conversation on a particular issue or cause that is important to the people you’re trying to reach.

So, the next time you find yourself stuck searching for new content ideas, try applying a little empathy and mindfulness to your approach and see if you discover a renewed purpose to your work. You may be surprised about what you discover is content that matters.


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