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“We” Campaign, Internet As Cause Marketing Hub

We’ve been advocates of communications campaign strategies in which the web component is viewed not simply part of the overall mix of activities, but as the essential hub of the initiative.

Good case studies of the above practices – particularly in social marketing – have been few and far between.

Then along came Al, and a really nice example of using the web as the hub of a cause marketing initiative.

Yes, the same guy that turned his An Inconvenient Truth Powerpoint lecture into a major film and raised the level of global warming awareness a notch or two, is behind the “We Can Solve It” campaign.

And according to this Clickz article, the “mass marketing effort was engineered with the Internet in mind.”

In the Clickz article, Brian Hardwick, the communications director for the Alliance for Climate Protection, had this to say about the role of the Internet in this campaign:

“”If our goal is to mobilize people… then having a big presence online and always optimizing that is key.”

The campaign’s web site is the starting point for online engagement, and the online and offline promotions are geared toward getting people to the site. Once there, the visitor is presented with a range of opportunities, from mobile alerts and embeddable content to the standards such as email sign-up, forward to a friend, etc.

One thing that I’d like to see when I get to this site is more compelling storytelling. While the Presenters who appear on the site are pleasant enough, I really don’t think it’s great use of online video bandwidth to have Chris A. tell me to “click links below” to get started in my quest for solutions to climate change. Rather, the same bandwidth could have been used to tell a short story of someone who is actually taking part in an activity that is part of the solution.

Here is an example of the video that’s being used to drive awareness of the campaign, and in particular, awareness of the campaign’s web presence as the place to go to get involved.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.551671&w=425&h=350&fv=flv%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fblip.tv%2Ffile%2Fget%2FEhanson2-AnthemTest107.flv] from www.clickz.com posted with vodpod