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How To Be a Successful Content Marketing Client

By Russell Sparkman, Fusionspark Media, Inc.
Excerpted from Content Marketing Institute. 12/09/10 –
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The first advertising agency is credited to George Reynell, who started what became known as Reynell & Sons in London, in 1812. The first PR agency, started by Edward Bernays, opened in 1919.

So, we’ve had several centuries now of experience with how clients work with ad and PR agencies to promote their products, services or causes, but how should clients work with agencies when looking for help with content marketing?

As Geoff Ramsey, CEO of eMarketer, proclaimed recently in a blog post, content marketing is a “critical” component of marketing in 2011. This trend has given rise to the emergence of agencies that have a unique set of skills and offerings, all based around content marketing.

This is great news, but many business owners and marketing executives are often unfamiliar with what a relationship with this newer breed of content marketing firm should look like. Those of us who have been running these types of firms really want you, the marketer, to succeed, but there’s a just a few things up front we’d like you to know about working with us in order to become a successful content marketing agency client.

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