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Junta 42 Blog: 2009 Content Marketing Predictions

Last week, Joe Pulizzi, of Junta 42, sent out a request to his various contacts in the industry, asking for 2009 Content Marketing Predictions. There’s an interesting diversity of predictions about the role of Twitter, User-generated Content, Social Networks and Editorial Content published in his post, 42+ Social Media and Content Marketing Predictions for 2009. It’s a good read.

I submitted my own prediction to Joe, which can be found on the above Junta 42 blog post, as well as here:

In 2009, there will be continued enthusiasm for online user-generated Content and Social Media. However, there will be increased recognition that UGC/Social Media isn’t a fit for every communicator’s needs or goals, leading to an increased awareness of, and demand for, professionally produced content in online corporate communications.

In particular, 2009 will herald the widespread emergence of marketing and public awareness communications content that sits at the nexus of corporate communications and journalism. As more and more non-media organizations begin to think and act like publishers there will be increased emphasis in quality and professionalism in content creation.

Corporate, non-profit and government websites will become more and more like online magazines or channels. And those who recognize the importance of compelling, authentic storytelling content in their online communications will see the greatest long term ROI from their content investments.

All sectors that are engaged in marketing communications activities will be influenced by this trend. This includes not only consumer product manufacturers and retailers but also non-profit organizations and governmental organizations.

A by-product of this trend is that professional writers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, animators, etc., — many of whom are wary of the “anybody can publish” world of free UGC/Social Media – will see increased demand for their professional services.


I’d like to give my friend and colleague, Dan Lamont, credit for the observation that a certain style of online content is at “the nexus of corporate communications and journalism.” It’s a fitting description for the type of content development that will be seen in increasing amounts in the coming years, I believe.