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October Surprises Us with Awards

It’s been a good month so far for Fusionspark Media projects to rack up awards.

It began on October 4th, when our Water’s Journey: Everglades project won the Best Interactive Presentation category at the 2007 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. Since we prevailed over an excellent project by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, as well as a project by the Environmental Defense Fund, it was more than gratifying.

Today, we learned that the Water’s Journey: Everglades and the Florida-friendly Landscaping projects won Gold Awards in the Government Category, and the American Liver Foundation’s web project won a Silver Award in the Health Category from the W3 Awards, which is organized by the International Academy of the Visual Arts. Although just in their second year, the W3 Awards have some heavy hitting companies in the winners circle, so we’re pleased to have been able to join their company.

W3 Gold awardW3 Silver Award

There are lots of people to acknowledge in regard to the projects that have won these awards. Certainly, filmmaker Wes Skiles gets a big shout out for the Water’s Journey film projects, for which we developed companion web documentaries. It’s been a journey along which we were invited to join back in 2002, and a relationship that’s been instrumental in our growth.

Then there’s all the people who have worked on these projects, including Kevin Sparkman, MaryAlice Yakutchik, Jade Carter, Jack Penland, Robert Grant, Roger Los, Noriko Sparkman and many more.

Great job, everybody!