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Conserve Wildlife New Jersey

A comprehensive resource about New Jersey's wildlife.

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Yes, there is wildlife in New Jersey. And it’s not the “Jersey Shore” version of wildlife, either.

Contrary to the stereotypical portrayal of New Jersey as an industrial wasteland, the state is home to a wide variety of species, as small as frogs and big as black bears.

New Jersey’s wildlife lives in environments as unique as the Pine Barrens, in the south, to the hillsides that feed the Delaware Valley Watershed in the northwestern part of the state.

We produced the “definitive online resource” about New Jersey’s wildlife as the basis for Conserve Wildlife New Jersey’s awareness and fundraising efforts.

Comprehensive Species Database


To build the “definitive online resource” about New Jersey’s wildlife we incorporated a comprehensive species database into the content mix.

Species can be searched based upon scientific name, common name, species group name or conservation status. The returned records include photographs, descriptions, habitat maps and more.

Adopt a Species Feature


Looking for that special gift for that friend or loved one who has everything?

Get them a Blue-spotted Salamander. Or a Bobolink. Or a Bog Turtle.

These are just a few of the species available to adopt through this popular fundraising initiative of Conserve Wildlife New Jersey.

Adopt a New Jersey wildlife species, today!

Interactive Wildlife Viewing Map


Not convinced that New Jersey has great wildlife watching opportunities?

The Wildlife and Birdwatching Viewing Map provides a comprehensive list and map of the best wildlife viewing areas in the state, from the beaches of the Jersey Shore to the State Parks located throughout the state.

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