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Living Oceans Foundation

An interactive graphic created for coral geeks.


What Clade R U?

What Clade R U?” was created for coral geeks.

Specifically, this interactive graphic was created as a promotional tool and a lead generator for the Living Oceans Foundation’s use at the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium.

By answering 5 questions, participants would learn about their persona, if they were a “clade,” or a type of algae that lives in corals.




The Questions & Answers

The questions and answers were designed whimsically.

However, behind the scenes, a carefully constructed algorithm was developed to generate matches between clade descriptions and the personas of the people participating.

Clades that live in bright, shallow sunny locations on reefs were aligned with answers that matched a sunnier persona, where clades that thrive in deeper, darker waters were aligned with personas that were … deeper and darker!


Your Clade Type

At the end of the five questions, you were presented with your clade type, complete with a scientific illustration of the type of coral in which the clade typically resides.


Sharing Your Clade

Throughout the conference, participants were encouraged to share their clade type with fellow attendees through social media.

Project Skills Include:

  • content strategy
  • creative ideas
  • interactive design
  • graphics / illustration
  • information architecture