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Whidbey Telecom Content Strategy & Site

Local telecom leverages content strategy and curated content to engage clients


New Corporate Web Site

Whidbey Telecom is a privately-held, telecommunications business located on Whidbey Island.

The need was to replace an outdated, legacy site that was originally developed in the mid-2000s.

FusionSpark Media worked with Whidbey Telecom to produce an extensive, in-depth content strategy that succeeded in finding the balance between one executive’s desire to have a product-centric website, andĀ  another executive’s desire to be more educational and informative, as the basis of deepening engagement with customers.

Built upon the Drupal CMS, the site’s graphic design and information architecture were built to enable the client to grow into their “content marketing” shoes, as Learning Center and Community Center content develops over time.


Ferry Cam

During the Phase 1 Content Strategy component of the project, it was confirmed that 60% of the website’s daily traffic goes directly to the Ferry Cam page.

As the client further develops their content marketing best practices they’ll be able to take advantage of the traffic coming to this highly useable and functional content asset, and redirect them to other key areas of the site.



Prior to launching this new site, Whidbey Telecom was not actively blogging, and had only just begun to experience with Social Media.

Drawing upon local writing talents, as well as content pulled from curation products such as Curata, the blog is increasingly becoming a sought out section of the site.


Curated Content

Whidbey Telecom signed up to use Curata, through FusionSpark Media.

By using Curata, Whidbey Telecom is maintaining engagement with its audience through the website and through an eNewsletter, by sharing curated content relevant to its core business, namely technology.


Whidbey TV Video

Whidbey Telecom is offering online TV services, and as a part of that service, is producing local programming. Selected “trailer” content from that programming will be used within the Whidbey Telecom website to further deepenĀ  engagement with its customers, especially those that don’t subscribe to Whidbey TV, and to further promote the Whidbey TV service.

Project Skills Include:

  • content strategy
  • creative ideas
  • interactive design
  • graphics / illustration
  • information architecture
  • website development