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Spirit Bear

Photo © 2001 Russell Sparkman

This photo is of a Spirit Bear, stalking salmon in a stream,  along the Inside Passage of British Columbia.

This photo was captured during the making of the Salmon: Spirit of the Land and Sea “live” web documentary Fusionspark Media produced for One World Journeys during September, 2001.

One World Journeys’s Expeditions were an early, pioneering exploration in original web documentary storytelling. This was an early “content marketing” project in that it was an exclusively sponsored, cause related marketing initiative of Seiko Epson, Japan. The expeditions featured world-class environmental photographers and the projects that they were working on. The photographic content was used by Seiko Epson as print samples and in exhibits as a part of the sponsorship.

Additional photos by Russell Sparkman from the Salmon: Spirit of the Land and Sea project can also be found in his Flickr Photostream.