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We’ve Taken The Red Pill

In his blog post Building a Marketing Asset (take the red pill) Joe Pulizzi exhorts his audience to — riffing off The Matrix — take the red pill.

What he’s describing, specifically, is taking a step into Content Marketing by focusing on building marketing assets, i.e. valuable content to help customers.

This, Pulizzi says, has to take place in the context of “a world that still believes interruption sells.”

Yet, however strange, different, intimidating it may be to move into a “content marketing” direction, and away from “traditional” interruption marketing, it’s time to take the red pill.

We should know. While we’ve advocated to clients for years activities and approaches that are, by definition “content marketing,” we have not taken our own medicine. There were always excuses. We’re too busy. We do this for other people, we don’t have time to do it for ourselves, etc.

But today, that changes. Today, we’ve taken the red pill by launching Fusionspark Media’s new web presence.

With this launch, we’re also announcing the New Media 2012: or where the hell is this all heading, anyway? event. This is part of our commitment, through our own web presence, to not just talk about ourselves, but to offer content and events that help inspire, inform and influence our audience in the areas of New Media, Social Media, Content Marketing and more.

New Media 2012 is an event on Sept. 19, 2009 in Langley, WA involving 10 speakers giving brief and dynamic presentations on where they think New Media will be by the year 2012. Please view the following links to learn more:

New Media 2012 Event Description
New Media 2012 Speaker Lineup
New Media 2012 Registration
New Media 2012 Venue

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more!