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Yeti, Hometown BBQ and the Boomerang Effect

Companies still wrestling with the notion of how “business as a force for good” is good for business should take a page from Yeti’s playbook about producing stories involing “real people doing real things.”

Yeti’s latest episode (above) is about Hometown, a BBQ joint in Brooklyn.

The story arc is pretty straightforward. Billy, who has decided to open a BBQ joint in Brooklyn, sees his dreams shattered when Hurricane Sandy destroys his neighborhood of Red Hook.

Undaunted, Billy pulls the smoker out of the nascent restaurant he was building in a dilapidated garage and starts to donate hot food to a community still struggling to get back on its feet in the storms’s aftermath.

Through perserverance and hard work, Billy prevailed, opened Hometown, and the community returned the favor by lining up down the block to eat at his newly opened restaurant.

Billy references the boomerang effect to describe how the acting of meaningful, heartfelt giving built the goodwill that later turned into faithful customers.

The key takeaway is that this is a story about the power of giving. And if there’s a lesson for businesses in this story, it’s that giving is a way for businesses to be a force for good. And that giving, as it turns out, is a key factor in attracting and retaining not just customers, but employees.

From a content strategy point of view, in what ways does your business give, sincerely and meaningfully? And in what ways can that act of giving be the basis of content that matters to customers and employees?

Yeti provides an answer with Hometown.

Enjoy the video!