Crafting Purpose-focused Food & Lifestyle Brands

Content that Matters in 2017

In 2016, FusionSpark Media became a certified B Corporation. Looking forward to our Content that Matters editorial plans for 2017, our content will be heavily influenced by the B Corp mantra that businesses are a force for good for employees, customers, stakeholders and the environment while in pursuit of profit.

What readers can expect from us, moving forward, is insight, news, analysis, commentary and observation about the role and application of content that matters in support of marketing, PR, sales, fundraising and other goals of business, nonprofits and government.

In our opinion, content that matters reaches beyond simply moving people to a desired business outcome, but actually touches them in some deep and meaningful way. It is content that inspires, as much as it’s designed to inform and influence actions (e.g. business outcomes).

We call this “Purpose-focused Content Marketing.” For more about the meaning of Purpose-focused Content Marketing please read our “8 Guiding Principles of Purpose-focused Content Marketing.

Assets and products that fit the description of Content that Matters, that we’ll focus upon during 2017, include:


Who do we we think can benefit from Content that Matters?

In the Nonprofit and Government Sectors, the following people can benefit from Purpose-focused Content Marketing:

  • Executive Directors
  • Marketing Communications Directors
  • Programs Directors
  • Educational Program Directors
  • Development and Fundraising Directors

In the B2B and B2C Sectors, the following people can benefit from Purpose-focused Content Marketing:

  • Founders / CEOs
  • Marketing Communications VPs and Directors
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Directors
  • Cause Marketing Professionals
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • B Corp Business Founders and Leaders
  • Media Professionals and Journalists


ctm_venn_diagramIf you analyze Starbucks’ Upstanders (mentioned earlier as an example of mini- or web-documentaries), their focus is on personal stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

You’ll notice in Upstanders that there are elements of corporate social responsibility, cause marketing and content marketing best practices that come into play. It’s out of the intersection of these practices that the best ideas for purpose-focused content marketing can be derived.

We believe this to be exemplary of Purpose-focused Content Marketing, and will continue to seek out similar projects to share with our readers.



ctm_contentpyramidWe’re excited to explore these and related topics in 2017. To fulfill our objective to inspire, inform and influence people through Content That Matters, our editorial content focus will be on content that is inspiring, strategic and technical/tactical.

The pyramid to the right illustrates the ratio of that content, with the inspiring content being the foundation, followed by strategic and technical/tactical.