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FSM Project Wins Derose-Hinkhouse Communicator Award

FusionSpark Media consulted Bread for the World’s “The Hunger Reports,” which won the Derose-Hinkhouse Communicator Award for Integrated Marketing Campaign.

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At the end of 2016 Bread for the World’s director of communications, Adlai Amor, selected FusionSpark Media to help with a pilot Content Marketing initiative for the annual Hunger Report.

“We were pleased to get the nod from Adlai and his team,” explains FusionSpark CEO Russell Sparkman, “because they’d done their homework and knew exactly what a content marketing approach could do for them. We didn’t have to ‘sell’ them on the idea, they came to us with a specific vision and set of expectations.”

The project began with Content Strategy workshop and then a documentation phase. The documentation phase was followed by a creative phase in which a mini-video series titled “The Hunger Reports” was conceived. The videos became the center idea around which social media graphics, blog posts, etc., were created.

“We were very pleased with the level of vision, expertise and professionalism that Russell and the FusionSpark team brought to the project,” says Bread’s Amor, “and we’re proud that the collaboration has was given the Award of Excellence for Integrated Marketing by the Derose-Hinkhouse Awards 2018.” The DeRose-Hinkhouse Memorial Awards are given annually to active members of the Religion Communicators Council (RCC) who demonstrate excellence in religious communications and public relations.