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Extending an Experience with Storytelling

A local friend, Gary Smith, owns Mukilteo Coffee here in Langley, one of the finest gourmet coffee roasters in the country.

One afternoon, when I was doing some work at the Mukilteo Coffee cafe on our St. Johns River project Gary stopped by my table and watched an audio slideshow on my Powerbook called “Hooked on the St. Johns” that I was producing.

Gary became hooked by the idea of using storytelling for a new web site that he wanted to build. I, of course, agreed he should use storytelling for this reason: Mukilteo Coffee is an experience. And storytelling is how we could help extend the experience to his clients online — many of whom have never visited the place.

We’ve created several slideshows and videos to help extend the Mukilteo Coffee experience online. The most recent is the first installment of Counter Culture, an interview/story segment hosted by Gary that will feature the artists, musicians and others that frequent the Mukilteo Coffee cafe.

This first installment features Buffy Cribbs, whose artwork and furnishings help make the cafe a colorful space for sipping lattes or just hanging out. Watch until the end to see Gary and Buffy play “Bury Me Beneath the Willow” on acoustic and steel guitar. Enjoy!