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Kristina Kuzmic Tells Moms “You’re Normal”


In our blog post, 8 Guiding Principles of Purpose-Focused Content Marketing, we describe a framework for producing Content that Matters.

Content that Matters is content that paves the path to engagement and long-lasting customer and constituent relationships by being empathetic, relatable and meaningful.

In this series of case study posts about purpose-focused content marketing, we are using our 8 Guiding Principles as a framework for analyzing how well a brand, a nonprofit, a public agency or an individual is using the power of purpose to create trustworthy, engaging and meaningful content.


Kristina Kuzmic, a.k.a. Sticky Cook

Brand / Company

Personal branding that has developed into TV programming and speaking engagements for creator and hostess, Kristina Kuzmic.

Content Type

Primarily Video –  View Sticky Cook Channel

Eye Opening Metrics

Kristina’s “You’re Normal” video picked up over 21,000 views in the past 3 weeks, she has over 56,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 560,000 likes of her Facebook page, and 156,000 Instagram followers. Kristina’s “4 Reasons Women Should Never Breastfeed in Public” went certifiably “viral” in 2015 with over 4 million views.

Why We Like This As Purpose-focused Content Marketing

  • Kristina’s overall purpose statement is to “help others feel less alone in their daily struggles, big or small,” – particularly other moms – and her content is a consistent reflection of that purpose;
  • Kristina’s “Your Normal” video speaks clearly about a purpose that can be summarized as helping overwhelmed moms understand that they are normal;
  • Kristina brings an attitude and a sense of humor to her videos that conveys a very real, almost tactile, experience with her, as a person. You can picture yourself sitting across from her at the kitchen counter over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, sharing parenting battle scars and laughing!;
  • She is consistent in her publishing, both in terms of frequency and production values. Good use of graphics, music, B roll footage, quality audio and quality picture elevate the viewability of the videos, while the settings – living room, kitchen, even bathroom – are familiar and comforting;
  • She has parlayed her content and sizable audiences into a TV series, a speaking career and more;
  • She conveys real life lessons in her videos, empowering them to go beyond funny, to offering practical, useful advice for the viewer.

What Can Brands Learn from Kristina?

It’s easy to imagine friends of Kristina’s describing her as “the real deal,” which comes across in her videos. This is because she is a real person, doing real things, and conveying her experiences and life lessons with passion, energy and humor. No matter whether you’re a B2B or a B2C brand, if you can find stories about real people doing real things you increase the likelihood of engaging your target audiences.

Purpose Score: 10, on a 1 to 10 scale*

Our “Purpose Score” is on a scale of 1 through 10, and is a measure of how well a brand uses purpose as a vector for creating content. Scoring a “one” on the Purpose means the content is completely self-referential and gratuitous; a 10 means the brand successfully presented meaningful content that engages without being pitchy.

Kristina is, in our minds, a “perfect 10.” There is much to be emulated in her approach, from clarity of purpose and acting upon that purpose, to her production values, passion and sense of humor. 

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