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Non-profits and Storytelling


In mid-March the American Liver Foundation‘s new site went live. A key feature of this site’s homepage is the Voices of Liver Disease, a section of the site designed to present video storytelling about people whose lives are impacted by liver disease.

In keeping with our Inspire • Inform • Influence mantra, we made sure that there were several “make a donation” navigation points associated with the video page. We wanted to be sure that if the video “touched” people (i.e. inspired them, or informed them) that we provided an easy opportunity for them to donate (i.e. influenced an action).

After a little more than a month, it’s evident that the American Liver Foundation’s online donations are up significantly over the same period last year.

It’s also evident that the video content pages are amongst the top referring pages to the Donate page. I think it’s reasonable, then, to make the connection that the video storytelling is influencing site visitor’s decisions to donate.

I’m interested in learning other examples of how online video, or other, storytelling is helping contribute to fundraising for non-profits. If you have an example to share, please add in in the Comments.