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Junta 42 Blog: 2009 Content Marketing Predictions

Last week, Joe Pulizzi, of Junta 42, sent out a request to his various contacts in the industry, asking for 2009 Content Marketing Predictions. There’s an interesting diversity of predictions about the role of Twitter, User-generated Content, Social Networks and Editorial Content published in his post, 42+ Social Media and Content Marketing Predictions for 2009. It’s a good read.

I submitted my own prediction to Joe, which can

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Florida’s Water: Ours To Protect

We just went live with Florida’s Water: Ours to Protect, an in-depth presentation about protecting, restoring and maintaining water quality and quantity in Florida.

Our client is the Water Resources Management Division of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  The objective is to communicate to Florida’s citizenry about the role of Water Resources Management division, and to provide information and resources about Florida’s many watersheds.

The widget, below, is one of Read More

Create a Presence, Not a Site

Superfund clean-up site.

Site of a crime.

Site of an accident.

Your web site.

Let’s face it. “Site” is an unfortunate word to describe what, in today’s world, is going to give people the first impression of your company, non-profit or agency.

In this context, you don’t need a web site. You need a web presence. Anything less leaves money on the table.

Why do we speak with such conviction about this? Because our own Read More

Whoever Has The Best Content Wins

If there’s one lesson that we’ve learned in 10 years of creating original content for the web, it’s the notion that whoever has the best content wins. If you have better content than your competitors, you’re going to do better across various metrics, from SEO to numbers of unique visitors, to numbers of repeat visitors, to length of time on the site, to actions influenced, to improved conversion rates Read More

The Role of Story (Content) in Inbound Marketing

Back in 2000, when we started producing some of our earliest online story-based projects,  we began to notice something … interesting.

People gravitated to the websites that we were creating, although we had virtually zero marketing support dollars to buy eyeballs. Our projects were getting high search engine rankings. This was in the pre-Social Networking, pre-YouTube era. What we observed — based on the consistent “Yahoo Pick of the Day”-type Read More

Jackson Hole Symposium 2008

Last week, the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival (JHWFF), which happens every two years, held its “in-between the festival event” in Jackson, WY.

Called the Jackson Hole Symposium for Applied Media Professionals, this event was their first Non-Broadcast Media & Technology Conference. As such, it represents JHWFF’s strategic move to expand its traditional focus upon nature/wildlife film making for broadcast and theater presentation into the world of new media.

I participated Read More

Book: Made To Stick, Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

I picked up “Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die” several weeks ago, and have been making my way through it. The book is by brothers Dan and Chip Heath.

Because we’ve been proponents of authentic storytelling as a communications strategy since we started our businees, it was particularly gratifying to read that one of the principles the authors list as being essential to stickiness is Read More

“We” Campaign, Internet As Cause Marketing Hub

We’ve been advocates of communications campaign strategies in which the web component is viewed not simply part of the overall mix of activities, but as the essential hub of the initiative.

Good case studies of the above practices – particularly in social marketing – have been few and far between.

Then along came Al, and a really nice example of using the web as the hub of a cause marketing initiative.

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2008 Webby Honoree for DiveRite.com

Good news arrived in my inbox week before last notifying us that a web presence we developed for Dive Rite, Inc. had received a Webby Honoree recognition in the Corporate Communications category. There were 5 nominees, all vying for the top honor, and about a dozen honorees, in this category. Altogether, according to the Webby press release, there were approximately Read More

October Surprises Us with Awards

It’s been a good month so far for Fusionspark Media projects to rack up awards.

It began on October 4th, when our Water’s Journey: Everglades project won the Best Interactive Presentation category at the 2007 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. Since we prevailed over an excellent project by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, as well as a project by the Environmental Defense Fund, it was more than gratifying.

Today, we learned Read More